A world without malaria


Every 45 seconds a child dies of malaria. A disease that can be prevented and cured.


The Dutch Malaria Foundation is a charity organisation that develops and tests innovative ways to combat malaria. We also make existing knowledge and information about fighting malaria available to stake-holders all over the world. We restrict ourselves to those activities not taken up by others.


An international foundation that acts in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner with respect for man and nature by means of projects, information, education, advice, research, and entrepreneurial initiatives.




The Dutch Malaria Foundation envisions a world without malaria. Malaria affects more than 300 million people per year, resulting in at least 650.000 deaths. Every year. Did you know that malaria causes more than 20% of child mortality in Africa? These numbers must go down. And that is possible! How?

By curing people and protecting them against infection. And, even more important, we have to reduce the local mosquito population. Fewer mosquitoes means less malaria. This unique approach differentiates the Dutch Malaria Foundation from other organisations, both in the Netherlands and beyond.