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Malaria news

Our director Ingeborg van Schayk and Dutch rapper Ronnie Flex at presentation of the anti malaria drone, RTL Late Night 

Ronnie Flex


Drones against malaria crowdfunding

In this pilot project drones will be used to control mosquitoes by spraying biological control agents on irrigated rice fields in Kenya. This agent only affects mosquitoes and their larvae and is comletely safe for humans and animals. In this way malaria will be safely tackled at its source.


Take action now and contribute to this new breakthrough in the fight against malaria!


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Deadlier Than Sharks: Documentary Spotlights Mosquito 

The film begins with the Zika virus but soon branches out to encompass chikungunya, West Nile, dengue and malaria. Mosquito-borne illnesses once took decades to spread but with easy global travel the dispersion time is much shorter today. New York Times, 28-06-2017


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Discovery documentary "Mosquito"

Thursday, July 6th 2017 at 9pm, on Discovery Channel, with the Chair of our Advisory Board, medical entomologist Bart Knols and Bill Gates.











Video: What will it take to end malaria? Bill Gates and George Osborne discuss


World Malaria Day 2016: Video Message by World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan


Partnership between Tropicare and Dutch Malaria Foundation

Two Dutch organisations that share a passion for making malaria history joined forces through the creation of a unique partnership. Tropicare, which runs the Care Plus® brand, encourages travellers, tourists, and day trippers to travel as healthy as possible.

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NEWS: 27-02-14


Dutch Malaria Foundation has joined the global Fight the Fakes campaign

Today, the Dutch Malaria Foundation, has joined the Global Campaign to fight fake medicines together with 3 other new members (the Global Pharma Health Fund, Malaria Consortium, and Roll Back Malaria). The Fake Drugs Kill petition of the our foundation fits in well with the mission of .


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3 reasons we still haven't gotten rid of malaria

We've known how to cure malaria since the 1600s, so why does the disease still kill hundreds of thousands every year? It's more than just a problem of medicine, says journalist Sonia Shah. A look into the history of malaria reveals three big-picture challenges to eradicating it. Watch the presentation Sonia Shah: 3 reasons we still haven't gotten rid of malaria.

Why the Science Behind Jurassic Park Is a Little Less Far Fetched

Somewhere in the afterworld, Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton must be twitching and grinning with the glee of a science fiction writer proved right, or at least not woefully wrong: Researchers have announced the discovery of specimen USNM 559050, a fossilized mosquito from northwestern Montana, containing what is indisputably a blood meal in its swollen belly. Read Why the Science Behind Jurassic Park Is a Little Less Far Fetched.

81 non-profit organization groups in new anti-malaria campaign

A group of 81 non-profit, private and public sector organizations in Kenya have launched an anti- malaria campaign that will prevent deaths of 16,000 children every year in the next five years. Read 81 non-profit organization groups in new anti-malaria campaign

Malaria vaccine highly effective in small U.S. test

An experimental malaria vaccine proved highly effective in a small, early-stage clinical trial in people, raising hope in the global effort to combat the deadly disease, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday in the journal Science. Read Malaria vaccine highly effective in small U.S. test

Tackling drug resistant malaria: one step forward, two steps back?

The drug most commonly used for malaria treatments is weakening - is drug resistance inevitable? Read Tackling drug resistant malaria: one step forward, two steps back?

Malaria control strategies: an interview with Sir Richard Feachem

Exciting progress has been made in the global fight against malaria. The malaria map continues to shrink each year; in the last ten years four countries have been certified malaria-free, and thirty-four additional countries are now working towards malaria elimination targets. Read Malaria control strategies

Natalie Gulbis has a healthy outlook on life, golf after battling malaria

Natalie Gulbis finally won a major this year. It will not count on the official statistics, but trust us, it was a major victory for her. She beat malaria.

MalariaWorld: sharing information & knowledge

Doctors, all around the world, should have access to the latest information & knowledge on malaria. MalariaWorld makes information sharing possible. 8800+ doctors & researchers from 140 countries are a member of MalariaWorld.

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The trade in fake malaria drugs is a crime





Every 5 minutes a child dies because of fake malaria drugs




Help Soniran from Nigeria to make his dream come true

Soniran is a PhD student from Nigeria. He would like to gain experience from the Cornell university in the USA. He needs your support to finance this. Give Soniran this chance. An investment in education is an investment for life. Read more about Soniran.








BBC World Service 'Health Check' about mosquito repellent radio and apps. They Don't work!


Radio interview with Bart Knols, Chair of our Advisory Board, about the prestigious Cannes Festival award for the 'Repellent radio' and apps that produce ultrasounds, supposedly to repel mosquitoes. They don't... Millions of people run the risk to contract potentially deadly diseases. Listen to BBC Health Check Mosquitoes.