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NEWS: 27-02-14


Dutch Malaria Foundation has joined the global Fight the Fakes campaign

Today, the Dutch Malaria Foundation, has joined the Global Campaign to fight fake medicines together with 3 other new members (the Global Pharma Health Fund, Malaria Consortium, and Roll Back Malaria). The Fake Drugs Kill petition of the our foundation fits in well with the mission of .



"We are proud to welcome four new partners to our worldwide campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of fake medicines: the Dutch Malaria Foundation, the Global Pharma Heath Fund, Malaria Consortium and Roll Back Malaria!


Fake medicines are a threat to public health and put patients at risk of drug resistance, prolonged illness, disability and even death. Combatting this danger to public health requires a comprehensive strategy of multi-stakeholder collaboration at local and global levels. Please visit and follow us on Twitter (@FightTheFakes) to learn more about our involvement.