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Sharing knowledge & information on malaria




Imagine that your child dies because your doctor does not have ccess to the most up-to-date medical knowledge. Knowledge that is available, but that your doctor cannot afford. 


This is no fiction.

It is the daily reality in Africa.



Doctors all around the world should have access to the latest knowledge and information about malaria.

Don't you agree?


Support us now!

With your donation we can continue to provide this free information. 



Two birds with one stone

- create job opportunities in Kenya and

- provide one year free medical information for doctors and researchers


For € 480,= you give 40 doctors/researchers 

1 year free medical information and a young African 80 hours of work experience.


For € 60,= you give 5 doctors/researchers

1 year free medical information and a young African 10 hours of work experience.


For € 12,= you give 1 doctor/reseracher

1 year free medical information and a young African 2 hours of work experience.


We appreciate any donation, big and small. It will be spent after careful consideration.


We aim to use your donation exclusively to realize MalariaWorld.


The majority of medical doctors and researchers in Africa don’t have access to the latest medical information because it is simply too expensive. A doctor, for instance, can only prescribe the right treatment based on the latest information. The treatment may change over time because the malaria parasite becomes increasingly resistant against particular drugs. A researcher, on the other hand, is wasting his time and money if he is not aware of what has become obsolete or proven. Every week dozens of scientific papers are published online. The average cost to download this information is € 25,= per paper. And that while a doctor in Congo earns just over € 100,= per month.


The Dutch Malaria Foundation considers it essential that medical doctors and researchers have access to accurate information so they can act appropriately. For this reason we have developed the world's largest online malaria information portal: MalariaWorld


MalariaWorld informs 7000 medical doctors and researchers around the world daily free of charge about the latest relevant malaria information via


Job opportunities for young professionals in Kenya

The Dutch Malaria Foundation collaborates with StelaMatrix in Kenya. Stelamatrix offers students and young professionals the opportunity to gain work experience and provides them with job-opportunities in the longer term. The unemployment rate in Kenya is more than 40%! Without working experience it is virtually impossible for young university graduates to find a job. StelaMatrix offers these young people a unique opportunity. That is why the Dutch Malaria Foundation hires a young Kenyan journalist and an ICT professional from StelaMatrix. They search and post the content of MalariaWorld. We are 100% satisfied with the quality, commitment and reliability offered by Stelamatrix.


How we spend your money

The Dutch Malaria Foundation spends your contribution with ultimate care! We limit our office running costs. We do not rent a separate office and our salaries are below average. A small part of the donations has to be spent on transfer fees to banks. We have submitted a request for support in kind to our banks to cover these fees. In this way we aim to use your donation completely for our cause. 


Support MalariaWorld

We aim to use your donation exclusively for our project MalariaWorld. Your donation will be used to cover expenses related to this project. Read more about MalariaWorld.


Support the Dutch Malaria Foundation

We also appreciate general donations to our foundation. These donations enable us to develop new projects and maintain our foundation. We will respectfully take care of your donation. If you have any queries related to this, please do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +31 6 13191 007.